The 10 Best Hockey Elbow Pads in 2024: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Hockey is a rough and quick sport; makes you realize the importance of safety. In an aggressive game, incurring injuries becomes easier. Not every injury is serious, but there have been instances where lack of proper protection led to permanent damages to a player’s body. Elbow pads are one of the essential protective gear to ensure your safety from external impacts.

The forearms, elbows, and biceps are frequently in motion during the game. During tackling and puck-handling, your elbows play a crucial role in assisting your moves. But what are elbow pads? We answer this question and highlight some of the key factors that constitute an elbow pad in our buying guide below.

Later, we also review the ten best hockey elbow pads that you can look for in 2024.

Quick Answer: The Top Hockey Elbow Pads

#1. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Elbow Pads
#2. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Elbow Pads
#3. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Elbow Pads
#4. CCM Jetspeed FT1 Hockey Elbow Pads
#5. Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Elbow Pads
#6. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Elbow Pads
#7. Bauer X900 Lite Hockey Elbow Pads
#8. CCM Jetspeed FT370 Hockey Elbow Pads
#9. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Elbow Pads
#10. Bauer NSX Hockey Elbow Pads

How to Choose Elbow Pads for Hockey: A Buyer’s Guide

In this guide, we talk about the different kinds of elbow pads in detail. We will check in on the elbow pad sizing and will also briefly dwell on the body parts that the elbow pads protect.

Types of Elbow Pads

Finding the perfect elbow pad design is a daunting task. It would be best if you also analyzed your game style and hand movements before purchasing the elbow pads. There are three designs of elbow pads – soft shell, two-piece, and three-piece.

Soft Shell

A soft-shell pad is also known as one-piece elbow pads. The exterior is a padded material, while the interior is molded with plastic. These one-piece pads provide maximum coverage and are common amongst beginners. 

The pads may not offer the best protection, but the prime reason for their favorability is their ability to avoid sticking far away from the arm. The mobility is also commendable.

Two-Piece Design

Two-piece elbow pads are the most common pad design found in the market. It is a preferable choice for players of all experience levels. 

The core consists of molded plastic for guarding the forearm and elbow against vibrations of the harsh impacts during puck handling. The bicep guard is additional and is inclusive in the pads’ design.

Three-Piece Design

The pro-level league professional players prefer Three-piece elbow pads. Beginners will find it challenging to handle this elbow pad design. The three-piece design is in the premium category and is generally on the pricier side. 

There is an additional section in between the pad’s bottom portion and bicep region. It gives maximum protection from external injuries and also provides a great degree of freedom in hand movements.

What Do Elbow Pads Protect

Even though the name says “Elbow Pads,” but this protective piece protects your forearms and biceps too. 


The elbow joints stay safe from the impact of falling onto the ice rink. Elbow joints are a very sensitive area.


The forearm portion of the elbow pad protects the upper half of the forearms against slashes and during puck handling. There is generally a plastic mold covering on the outside.


The biceps remain safe during contact with the board or hit by an opponent. The elbow pads provide coverage on the bicep region as well.

Elbow Pad Sizing

For attaining a perfect fit, having the correct size elbow pad is a must. You can measure your size by noting the length between the center of the bicep guard and the tip of the glove’s cuff. Every brand has its own size chart available. We advise you to refer to the size chart before purchasing the pads.

Based on the age group and a player’s height, the elbow pad sizing has three broad classifications – Senior, Youth, and Junior.


It caters to players above the age of 14 years.


It caters to players in between the age group of 3 to 9 years.


It caters to players in between the age groups of 9 to 14 years.

Hockey Elbow Pads Reviews

Knowing the details of your product is very important. We bring to you reviews of the ten best Hockey elbow pads that you can look forward to in 2024.

#1. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite elbow pads are perfect for pro-level players. It allows great mobility and is incredibly light-weight on the body. The one-piece tapered fit enhances the comfort and freedom of movement. The Curv Composite technology, alongside a lighter construction around the forearm region, enhances its protection by manifolds. 

The elbow cap includes the smart Aerolite 2.0 construction for extended mobility and protection. The Hyperlite foam inside the bicep region presents excellent shock absorption from harsh external impacts and provides safety. The Curv Composite, Aerolite 2.0, and Hyperlite materials make the elbow pads less bulky and provide ample protection.

The three-strap system, along with an elastic strap present on the biceps, enables the pads’ tight security on the goalie’s arms. The adjustment and proper fit are essential to avoid any discomfort and hindrance during the game. The straps are made from premium nylon material and do not irritate the skin.

The 37.5 technology liner provides great cushioning and keeps the pads dry due to its incredible moisture-wicking ability. 

#2. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro elbow pads are suitable for players looking at protection and comfort equally. The anatomical fit gives a body-hugging feel, eliminating the opportunity for unnecessary gaps. The AMP Technology in the elbow cap enhances mobility and enables a broader range of movements. It also magnifies protection wherever present.

The Curv Composite technology in the forearms and biceps regions, along with a floating construction, provide added protection from harsh, damaging shots. The structure offers complete coverage to all key areas. The Ventaprene Y-strap system ensures firm security of the pads in their designated place. Any hindrance during the game will affect your performance drastically. The strap is extremely comfortable and does not restrict the blood circulation to your arms.

The Poron XRD technology and soft Thermo Core liner help in cushioning your arms as they absorb the vibrations from the impacts, thus preventing serious injuries. The liner has a moisture-wicking ability to keep the player’s arms dry throughout the game. These pads are designed for everyday rough use during game and practice sessions.

#3. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Elbow Pads

The Super Tacks AS1 elbow pads from CCM are an incredible combination of quality, mobility, and protection. It is one of the popular choices amongst elite players who refuse to compromise their performance under any circumstance. The D3O smart technology material throughout the pads ensures maximum protection. It also prevents chipping and abrasions from severe impacts.

The pads feel light-weight on the arms and also have anti-slippage property. In case the player falls on ice, he will not slip away from his position. The D3O technology also provides excellent flexibility during complex movements. The JDP cap and molded material on the elbow joint provide free movement of the arm. The forearm has an HD foam liner.

The reinforced 360 degrees adjustable straps ensure that the pads are firmly secured. All the accessories must stay intact throughout continuous body movements. The elastic straps do not restrict the blood circulation and give a snug fit on the arms. Overall, the CCM Super tacks AS1 elbow pads are a smart option for you.

#4. CCM Jetspeed FT1 Hockey Elbow Pads

Another unique elbow pads from CCM is the Jetspeed FT1. The new technology and design implementation offer excellent comfort and protection. The Rocket Frame Composite material helps in reducing the bulkiness of the pads while ensuring the best safety. The pads have an anatomical fit for a closer-to-body feel. The reinforced PE and moisture resistant foam insertions absorb all the shocks from intense impacts.

The soft micro-fiber liner assures complete dryness during the game. The molded PE caps on the elbow joints deflect the shock energy away from the joints. The bicep guard has a tapered design for a comfortable fit and ease of mobility. The nylon and neoprene straps help in keeping the pads firmly intact. The straps are elastic and adjustable according to your convenience. 

The CCM Jetspeed FT1 elbow pads’ three-piece design offers excellent flexibility and a wide range of motion for enhanced puck handling and game performance. The product’s durability is excellent, and it is incredibly light-weight.

#5. Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Elbow Pads

The Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads provide complete safety from harsh external impacts. They do not restrict mobility and are very comfortable and light-weight to wear. The Dynamic Strike Technology offers incredible fit and supreme protection. The three-piece design ensures maximum mobility during complex body movements.

The compressed and molded EVA foam on the pad’s interior helps in absorbing shocks from external hits. It has the excellent moisture-resisting ability to keep the insides dry and comfortable throughout the game. The Shell Skin Texture on the outside prevents scratches and major abrasions. It also prevents the player from slipping away after a fall. 

The ergonomic bicep guards and molded forearms help in protection from slashes, blocking shots, and checks. The Sling Wrap attachment system helps in securing the entire pad in its place for the best protection. It prevents the pads from shifting during continuous motion. 

The exclusive Wartech FNC Stretch sleeve along with Polygiene offers secure and comfortable protection from all major injuries. It gives a great feel, and elite players love the product quality.

#6. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro elbow pads promise ample protection and comfort to players of all experience levels. The Curv Composite and molded plastic materials on the forearms and elbows ensure maximum safety from injuries. The HyperLite foam provides excellent cushioning and evenness. It absorbs the shock vibrations from external hits and redirects them out.

The pads have a tapered fit around the elbow joints to enable the elbows to rest deep inside the pocket. It also provides excellent stability during movements. The asymmetrical caps sit flawlessly on the elbow joints to aid in its free movement. The three-piece design gives superior flexibility. The soft Thermo Core liner ensures the insides’ dryness through its excellent moisture-wicking property, and it doesn’t trap foul odor.

The Sleeve Fit and Comfort Edge biceps support the effortless movement of the forearms and elbows. The Vapor 2X Pro pads are extremely light-weight. The anti-slippage technology on the exterior prevents the player from sliding in the ice after falling.

#7. Bauer X900 Lite Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer X900 Lite elbow pads offer a wide range of features for its unbelievable price point. The pads show a perfect balance of mobility and protection, along with comfort. Many beginners and a significant number of elite players prefer these protective pads.

The HyperLite foam and Thermo Max liner provide a great bounce and help in absorbing all severe external impacts during puck handling and tackling. The foam is evenly spread inside and does not add bulk. It gives a comfortable and snug feel. It also has incredible moisture and sweat retention ability, enabling the players to stay dry and comfortable throughout the game. It does not let foul odor stay in and prevents rashes on the body.

The premium quality synthetic material on the outer shell is very durable. It delays the wear and tear and keeps the surface free from scratches and abrasions. The three-piece strap system ensures excellent stability. It secures the pad firmly on its designated area without creating any gaps in between the contact surfaces.

#8. CCM Jetspeed FT370 Hockey Elbow Pads

The Jetspeed FT 370 elbow pads from CCM cater to players of different age groups and various sizes. The two-piece design accentuates the comfort and mobility factors. The molded PE cap inserted inside the pad provides excellent protection from sharp external impacts. The JDP design around the elbow joints protects them from incurring shock vibrations.

The premium quality reinforced plastic protection on the shell helps in deflecting the puck or stick during an aggressive tackle. It ensures that the product does not damage quickly. The abrasions do not accumulate, and the material also ensures that the bulkiness does not increase.

The three-piece strap system allows firm security of the pad in its right place. Since the player’s body is always in motion, it becomes critical to ensure that all the protective gears remain intact in their respective places. Else, it becomes a huge distraction, and the performance gets hit.

The liner provides fantastic cushioning and feels very even. It keeps the player dry and comfortable throughout the match or practice session.

#9. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer Vapor X800 Lite elbow protection pads are one of the cheapest pads that you will find. Do not compare its price with quality. The general notion is that when a product is cheap, it does not derive the expected result. However, Bauer ensures that despite its affordable price, the pads offer excellent protection to all players. It is quite a popular choice amongst entry-level players.

The molded cap with MD foam cover provides maximum shock absorption during tackles and hits. The soft hydrophobic mesh liner keeps the insides dry. It avoids entrapment of foul sweat odor, thus preventing the deadly bacteria from attacking you. The HyperLite foam around the biceps gives a very snug fit and feels comfortable on the arm.

The forearm protection is enhanced by the molded MD foam and PE inserts. The three-piece nylon straps together hold the pad in its rightful place to prevent loss of focus from the game. The straps do not restrict the blood circulation and stay comfortable throughout the game. The Vapor X800 Lite elbow pads are indeed very light-weight.

#10. Bauer NSX Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer NSX elbow pads are the most affordable and premium quality protective pads that you will find. Bauer never compromises on its product quality. These pads are designed specifically for entry-level players who are just venturing into the Hockey sport. It is a two-piece ergonomic design with a tapered fit around the forearm and biceps.

The medium density hydrophobic mesh liner absorbs most of the challenging impacts and protects from injuries. It does not add bulk and maintains a comfortable fit on the arms and elbows. The molded PE insertion in the forearm is for added precaution from exterior impacts.

The three-piece straps lock the pads firmly on the arms, preventing slippage or gaps between the contact surfaces. There is absolutely no restriction in any bodily movements since the pads fit perfectly. There are various sizes available for you to choose from.


We hope that you find our buying guide and reviews of the ten best Hockey elbow pads very informative. Our reviews will help you in narrowing your hunt for the perfect protective elbow pads. You can specifically either go for Bauer’s NSX elbow pads or Bauer’s Vapor X800 Lite elbow pads if you are a beginner. Both of these are budget-friendly options and suitable for polishing your game skills. 

Always look for factors like fit, comfort, size, and product quality before zeroing on the one. Our guide will help you in determining your right size and educating you about elbow pads in general.