The 9 Best Hockey Goalie Gloves In 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A perfect fitting glove is the most crucial part of a goalie’s protection gear. Apart from protection from injuries, the gloves are also responsible for capturing and blocking the puck to avoid entry into the net. Apart from pucks, gloves can also help a goalie protect their hands from their own hockey sticks. Sometimes accidents happen, and the stick might end up hitting on the wrong end.

There are several options available in the market today. Factors like shape, size, fit, and even aesthetics, to an extent, are important considerations in the buying process. Apart from these factors, a goalie also needs to look into the comfort, durability, flexibility, and protection-level aspects. Price is a vital factor, but safety should be the prime focus. 

In this article, we break into the necessary components and factors responsible for determining the best goalie gloves. Later we review the nine best hockey goalie gloves that you can look forward to buying in 2023 and add to your protective kit. 

Quick Answer: The Best Gloves for Hockey Goalies

#1. Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Goalie Gloves
#2. Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Gloves
#3. Brians GNETiK X Goalie Gloves
#4. Warrior Ritual GT2 Goalie Gloves
#5. Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Gloves
#6. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goalie Gloves
#7. CCM Axis Pro Goalie Gloves
#8. Bauer Vapor X2.7 Goalie Gloves
#9. Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie Gloves

How to Choose Hockey Goalie Gloves: A Buying Guide

Knowing the perfect goalie glove for you is more important than having the resources to buy it. It is easier to arrange and spend money. Having the correct information can help you save money and time. It is better to invest in the right glove rather than spending multiple times on the same gear. We have just the pertinent information for you.

In this buying guide, we are presenting the entire anatomy of a goalie’s glove. We talk about the different components that contribute to a glove’s existence. We also talk in depth about the fit of the glove and the different sizing available. We talk about the different catching angles which determine the goaltender’s style of deflecting the puck. Let us look into the anatomy first.

Anatomy of A Goalie Glove

A goalie’s glove’s main objective is to catch the puck and prevent the opponent from scoring a point. It is evident that the glove is a crucial part of the goalie’s entire protection kit. Let us understand the different components that constitute a goalie glove. 

Cuff: It is the component that secures the glove on the goalie’s wrist. It lets you assess the glove’s stiffness. There are two kinds of cuffs – A solid cuff and a two-piece cuff. We have discussed cuffs in detail in the later section of this article.

Palm: The palm is often confused as a catching surface, but in reality, it is a blocking surface. It helps in channeling the puck towards the pocket region and ultimately leading to the catch/ deflection.

Pocket: The web structure in between the index finger and thumb is called a pocket. The webbing is generally done either by skate laces or premium quality nylon. Based on the webbing structure, there are two types: 

  • Single T-web – It is the default glove design. The depth is less, but it is comfortable to wear and handle deflections.
  • Double T-web – It is a newer design that adds more depth compared to a single T-web glove. It helps in reducing the rotation of the puck when it hits the palm.

Backhand: The backhand is one of the prime protective components in a goalie’s glove. It protects the hands when a flying puck hits them at an intense speed. This portion of the glove is not meant for blocking the puck altogether, but it does save your hands from injuries.

Inner Cuff: It enables the goalie to seal the glove around the wrist of either hand. The adjustment lets goaltender extend or contract their wrist while performing saves and blocking. The fitting should be such that the glove does not fall off a goalie’s hand when he places his hands down in a resting position. 

Inner Glove: It is the portion that wraps around the goalie’s hands. It fastens over the hand’s backside and can be adjusted according to the goaltender’s comfort. The inner glove is responsible for adjusting the room between the glove’s palm and fingers. Lesser air cushion between the palm and fingers will ensure a tighter fit.

Finger Stalls: It is one of the main components of the inner glove and probably the essential factor in determining your glove’s perfect size. For an ideal fit, the fingertips should place themselves close to the stall’s tip. A wider gap between the fingertip and stall tip will cause more hindrance in closing the glove into a fist position. 

Thumb Loop: It is the portion through which the thumb slides into the stall. The loop should be wide enough to allow your thumb to pass through it. It is also a sign of the right fit.

Types of Goalie Glove Fit

Often younger goaltenders use a bigger glove under the impression that a bigger glove will give a larger surface area to catch and deflect the puck. But you need to understand that if the glove does not fit well, it can be hazardous. You might end up hurting your fingers. There is a limit to which you can fasten the glove around your wrist. If the size is massive, the glove will slip from the hand.

Larger gloves can also be bulky, thus affecting the goalie’s comfort. Harder shots can pull the glove apart. The glove fit also depends on the goalie’s saving style and dominant hand. Based on this, there are two kinds of fit that are available – regular and full right.


Regular gloves are for goalies who hold the stick in their right hand and catch the puck with their left hand.

Full right

Full right gloves are for goalies who hold the stick in their left hand and catch the puck with their right hand.

The Cuff

The rectangular piece of material protecting your wrists is called as cuffs. It starts at the glove’s wrist and leads to the palm. Cuffs are essential in determining the glove’s stiffness. They help in adjusting the glove’s fit on your hands. The inner cuff is where the goalie fastens the glove around his wrist. The goalie needs to ensure that the glove remains tight while performing throw movements.

Broadly, there are two kinds of cuffs – two-piece and solid.

Two-piece cuff

A two-piece cuff is very flexible. It allows your glove and hand to bend backward and forward for catching the puck. Two-piece cuffs are more comfortable in comparison to solid cuffs, especially while dealing with high-speed impacts.

Solid cuff

Solid cuffs are stiffer compared to two-piece cuffs. The blocking surface creates a stiffer flex while trapping the puck in the hands. The stiffness increases the surface area; however, the mobility of your palms gets a bit restricted.

Catching Angle

There are hardly two gloves with a similar fit. There are different pocket styles, blocking cuffs, and break angles. You need to examine three different catch angle gloves before narrowing down on any glove – 90 degrees, 75 degrees, and 60 degrees.

90 degrees

The 90 degrees catch angle comes into the picture when the goalie position their glove in a vertical position. The T-web to the thumb pulls when you place the hand in a conventional handshake posture.

75 degrees

The 75 degrees catch angle places the T-web amid the thumb and index finger. The angle is salient between the steep 90 degrees and the low 60 degrees. Goalies who are keeping their hand neither too steep nor too low prefer utilizing 75 degrees catch angle.

60 degrees

The 60 degrees angle is the most common catch angle glove that you will find. It is easier to handle and feel very comfortable on the hands. the angle is closer to the thumb and index finger’s center. It is prevalent amongst goalies who like to keep their hand in the conventional handshake position.


The right size will ensure the right fit, which is necessary for smooth game performance. Determine the length between the palm’s heel and the tip of the middle finger. The goalie glove sizes are classified into four main categories – Youth, Junior, Intermediate, Senior.

  • Youth: It caters to individuals in the age group of 3 to 6 years.
  • Junior: It caters to individuals in the age group of 7 to 9 years.
  • Intermediate: It caters to individuals in the age group of 10 to 13 years.
  • Senior: It caters to individuals above the age of 13 years.

Hockey Goalie Gloves Reviews

This section reviews the best of the best glove that you can find for yourself and enhance your game performance. Here is our list of nine best hockey goalie gloves that you can explore in 2023. We present to you every detail of each of the gloves.

#1. Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Goalie Gloves

The Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro carbon goalie gloves are one of the most popular catchers available. It is a top choice amongst many elite players. The wide-open pocket region and larger net coverage make it very convenient for the goaltender to capture the puck. The glove has a cool two-piece design that increases the flex, thus letting the goalie move his wrists comfortably.

The T-web pocket is made from reinforced carbon fiber. It is broad and deep enough to catch the flying puck conveniently. The glove’s perfect shape is due to molded carbon fiber, which provides additional protection to the palms. Carbon fiber is also present on the inner hand inserts, thumbs, and front cuffs for the best protection. Glove control is easy due to Neoprene flex.

The padded wrist strap and mid-hand adjustment belts help stabilize the glove in its right place on the hand. The padding on the thumb also adds to the protection. The glove can withstand high temperatures, so you can break-in for quick fit adjustments.

#2. Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Gloves

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic goalie gloves are incredibly light-weight and comfortable and do not hinder your performance. It features Bauer’s COR Tech ST technology for the glove’s exteriors, making it suitable for rough usage. The exclusive Curv Composite material is present in the cuffs, enhancing its longevity and protection from harshest impacts.

The CatchLite palm with soft PORON foam absorbs the shock of impact. It does not add bulk and lets the goalie have excellent mobility. Moreover, the 75 degrees catching angle makes this glove very compatible with catching the puck in complex scenarios.

The Free-Flex design on the backside of the wrist and fingertips allows a wide range of hand movements during critical saves. The glove’s interior is equipped with CatchGrip liner to keep your hands comfortable and dry because of its softness and moisture absorbing property. Sweaty palms can destroy your game.

The Double Tee spine includes extra lacing to ensure that the puck remains intact in hand after catching it. This product is incredibly durable and provides excellent performance.

#3. Brians GNETiK X Goalie Gloves

The Brians GNETIK X goalie gloves are a perfect amalgamation of technology, features, and graphics. The exterior graphics are designed in the sense that they play mind games with the shooter. The placement of colors creates an illusion regarding the glove’s width, and it also distracts the opposing player from finding the shooting points.

The cuff is one-piece, and it provides a greater surface area for catching and deflecting the puck. The 35 degrees break angle and sloping thumb design help better capture the puck in the double T-web pocket. Adding to it is the flat finger structure that creates an excellent closure for trapping the puck in the glove.

The synthetic SBA interior material provides an excellent grip. It also has moisture-wicking properties and keeps the goalie’s palms sweat-free throughout the game. It also does not allow foul odor to stay. The floating wrist pad presents excellent adjustment points and protects from injuries.

Overall, the glove is very comfortable and feels lighter on a goalie’s hand. The product flexibility is fantastic, and there are no compromises on the durability.

#4. Warrior Ritual GT2 Goalie Gloves

Warrior’s exclusive Hypercomp Reinforced Core Technology in the palm region is the main highlight in the Ritual GT2 goalie gloves. This technology and the double T-web pockets help reduce the shock vibrations generated from a high-speed flying puck. The excellent net coverage adds to the convenient capture of the puck and keeps it in place.

The pro-level goalie glove also features 75 degrees break angle for better finger positioning and a more significant puck’s enclosure. Perhaps the only downside that we notice is that the palm is non-removable but does not significantly differ in your game performance.

The premium quality liner ensures an excellent grip. It does not feel bulky and has an evenness through the glove’s interior. The liner material has great sweat and moisture resisting properties to keep the goalie dry and cool throughout the game. Holding the puck becomes challenging if the palms are sweaty.

The glove’s exterior is made from premium quality synthetic material to provide maximum protection and safety from injuries and abrasions.

#5. Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Gloves

The Supreme 3S goalie glove from Bauer promises excellent material quality. It is ideal for experienced professionals and intermediate-level hockey goalies. CatchLite and double T-web incorporated pocket ensure quicker break-in time and maximum puck retention. The one-piece cuff includes Bauer’s exclusive Curv Composite technology to help retain its shape even after multiple high-intensity impacts.

The 75 degrees catching angle provides perfect flexibility and helps capture pucks with the aid of various hand movements. The Nash liner in the palm helps in absorbing maximum shocks during severe impacts without adding extra bulk. The Thermo Max liner all across the glove gives excellent cushioning and provides evenness. The liner materials have a moisture-wicking property for better grip. It keeps the goalie’s palm dry and cool throughout the game.

The polyurethane exterior provides the best protection and increases its durability without compromising the comfort aspect. It also prevents abrasions and chipping of the glove.

#6. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goalie Gloves

The Supreme 2S Pro goalie glove from Bauer is a better version of the 1S OD1N model. The technological and design advancement in the Supreme 2S Pro makes it a clear choice amongst goalies of all experience levels. The glove’s structure consists of full coverage and a one-piece cuff for better protection and puck handling.

The double T-web pocket promotes better catching of the puck. The depth helps in trapping the puck after capturing it. An absence of good depth causes the puck to bounce off upon impact. The large palm surface area adds to the blocking ability. The Curv Composite technology on the wrist provides excellent protection and prevents additional bulk.

The XRD foam liner is evenly present throughout the glove to provide the best protection and comfort. It does not add bulk and does not restrict any hand movement. The redesigned backhand allows more mobility and free flex.

#7. CCM Axis Pro Goalie Gloves

The CCM Axis Pro goalie glove is a perfect option for pro-level players looking at comfort and quality hand-in-hand. The one-piece cuff and thumb design aids for excellent coverage and protection from external impacts.

Nash foam on the fingers and the exclusive D3O Smart Foam throughout the glove offer extreme comfort and protection from the harshest impacts. The foams also ensure no sweat and moisture retention to maintain the goalie’s hands dry for the entire match period. The webbed-strap on the wrist is for securing the glove firmly.

The double T-web pocket allows better puck retention and also reduces the shock from impacts. The depth helps in trapping the puck completely, leaving no room for bounce-back. The Axis Pro glove also has good temperature tolerance to let you break-in faster using heat.

#8. Bauer Vapor X2.7 Goalie Gloves

The Bauer Vapor X2.7 goalie glove sports a Max Depth pocket to control the puck in case the opponent tries to tackle from the goaltender’s hand. The outer shell material is a combination of premium quality nylon and synthetic leather. It protects the hand from injuries and avoids accumulating any signs of early wear and tear.

The one-piece cuff provides a broader range of motion and also helps in trapping the puck inside. The 60 degrees catching angle enables better capture and deflection of the puck. The hybrid single T-web pocket delivers excellent flex on the backhand. The adjustable Velcro strap on the backhand is for securing the glove firmly on your hand.

The molded plastic protection on the outside and high-density foam liners on the inside together provide incredible comfort and safety from severe impacts. The liner is sweat and moisture resistant to keep the goaltender’s hand dry on the inside. Altogether the Vapor X2.7 goalie glove from Bauer is extremely light-weight and convenient to handle.

#9. Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie Gloves

The Supreme S27 goalie glove from Bauer is an excellent choice for young players who are just entering into hockey as beginners. These gloves have incredible features for the price that they offer. Because of its pricing, it is also Bauer’s one of the fastest moving gloves.

The double T-web pocket offers exceptional closure and prevents the puck from bouncing off the glove. The one-piece cuff provides excellent protection from external impacts. The interior of the palm region has great Nash liners to enhance the protection level and comfort.

The safety feature further enhances due to the MD foam insertion on the perimeter of the glove. It lets the glove absorb harsh impacts without adding extra bulk. The glove is very flexible and can withstand high temperatures, thus enabling you to break-in quickly.

This premium quality glove from Bauer is for recreational and intermediate goalies and provides excellent mobility. The product durability is commendable.


Hockey is an aggressive sport. Gloves are essential for a goalie’s hand protection. Choosing a brand is a personal choice, but keep in mind some crucial factors like fit, comfort, size, protection, and material quality. 

Your game strategy and dominant hand also play a pivotal role in narrowing your search for the perfect glove. We hope you enjoyed looking through our guide as much as we enjoyed researching and preparing it for you. Lastly, our nine best hockey goalie gloves are bound to speed up your buying decision.