The 8 Best Hockey Goalie Sticks In 2023: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Being a goalie is one of the most challenging positions in any sport, especially Hockey. The team’s fate is dependent a lot on the goalie’s performance on the rink. You can have the best offense and defense, but if the goalie is not able to perform well, there is no guarantee of the match’s fate being in your team’s favor. 

To ensure your optimal performance in the rink as a goalie, you need to be equipped with the best accessories. The most important weapon a goalie has for defense is his Stick. 

A hockey stick is one of the essential accessories when it comes to Ice Hockey, but it becomes more significant when it comes to the goalie. A good quality goalie hockey stick is not that difficult to find but finding the best hockey stick which will enhance your performance and make you a star in the rink can be very difficult to procure. 

The process of choosing the right hockey stick as a goalie can be pretty overwhelming, and there is not much relevant information available that can help you make the right choice.

It is why we have come up with a detailed guide on what factors you should be considering while purchasing a goalie hockey stick, and we have also provided reviews of popular goalie Hockey Sticks.

Quick Answer: The Best Sticks for Hockey Goalies

#1. Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Stick
#2. Warrior Ritual V1+Pro Goalie Stick
#3. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Stick
#4. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Goalie Stick
#5. Warrior Swagger Pro 2 Goalie Stick
#6. Warrior Ritual V1 Pro Goalie Stick
#7. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Goalie Stick
#8. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goalie Stick

Buying Guide

In this guide, we have explained what differentiates a good goalie Hockey Stick from the best. What points you should be focusing on while researching hockey sticks. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Types of Goalie Sticks

The goalie sticks are broadly classified into two categories – Full right and Regular. Let us look into each of them.

Full Right

A full right goalie stick is the one which you hold with your left hand and make catches from your right hand. The curve of the stick is in the same direction as the right-handed stick. The majority of the NHL goalies are right-handed players; hence they use the full right stick.


A regular goalie stick is the one which you catch from your left and hold from your right hand, respectively. The curve of the stick is in the same direction as the left-handed stick.

Goalie Stick Brands

There are several brands, both local and international, that produce premium quality goalie sticks. We have enlisted some of the prominent brands for you.


Bauer is undoubtedly the best brand that you will find for all Hockey related equipment and gear. The brand does feature other sport-related stuff, but its main focus is on Hockey. They have been in business for more than 80 years now. They do not compromise on the quality of their products. Bauer has a loyal customer base and is quite popular among professional players because of its continuing performance delivery products.

Some of the other Hockey related innovative equipment they manufacture are regular sticks, helmets, gloves, skates, protective pads, bags, uniforms, etc. In fact, Bauer was one of the earliest brands to design and produce skates with blades attached. It transformed the entire game of Hockey.


Warrior is another amazing sports brand which also manufactures Hockey related gear and equipment. Warrior and Bauer have a close-knit competition, especially when it comes to Hockey. It is not as old as Bauer but has risen to the top of charts in a short time-span.

Initially, Warrior Sports focused only on lacrosse products. It only got into the Hockey business in 2005. They are one of the first manufacturers to incorporate the use of titanium in the stick’s blade. Titanium provides immense strength and is extremely light-weight in nature. 

Apart from Bauer and Warrior, there are other players in the market that give competition from time to time. Some of these other significant brands that you will find for goalie sticks are:

  • CCM
  • True
  • Reebok
  • Sher-wood
  • Vaughn

If you are a beginner, you can explore brands that are cheaper. Practice your skills, and then upgrade your stick. A Bauer or a Warrior goalie stick might seem expensive to be. Still, it is actually a one-time investment from your end for an extended period when you check its durability.

Hockey Goalie Sticks Review

Let us look at the reviews of the top 8 goalie sticks you can find for your performance enhancement.

#1. Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Stick

The Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Stick is one of the lightest sticks built by Bauer, which provides an excellent performance. It is one of the most durable sticks as well.

The Advanced Carbon Layering technology and the 3K carbon weave feature in the Textreme blade and shaft enhance the sturdiness. The double-concave structure of the shaft makes it excellent at rebound control.

The Aero Foam 3 technology in the core removes its bulkiness and enhances its feel. The Ergo Spine+ feature present on the panel’s back improves the balance. The stick is available in various colors and sizes to let you choose accordingly.

#2. Warrior Ritual V1+Pro Goalie Stick

The Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ goalie stick is an upgrade of Ritual V1 Pro. It has better durability and puck control feeling. The Minimus Carbon 1200 present in the core makes it very sturdy and easy to balance all the shots and saves.

The HiFused design and foam core deliver a light feel in your hands. The stick is flexible and rigid at the right places, thus enhancing your overall game performance. The clear gloss paddle does not get abrasions very easily. The entire shaft’s length has a clear matte coating and a ribbed texture for excellent performance delivery.

The SlideGrip technology used on the shoulder and paddle lets you handle the stick for a prolonged duration with utmost comfort. The VibexLite vibration minimization technology prevents the impacts from generating tremendous vibrations, hence allowing the stick to stay in your hands all the time.

#3. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Stick

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro is a popular goalie stick among pro-NHL players. The core of the stick is foam, which absorbs maximum vibration during defense tactics. It is bulkier than Ultrasonic and 2S Pro but still provides excellent balance. The blade contains a fibrous material on either side to handle all kinds of shots.

The design of the body is asymmetrical. The paddle has a carbon-weave boost, which makes it extraordinarily light-weight and durable. The rebound control is excellent, and the overall feel is excellent in your hands.

The stick’s shoulder consists of a premium quality grip, which makes handling the stick in your hands very comfortable. The material is sweat and moisture resistant and lets you hold on for a longer duration. The grip’s design is smooth, making it an excellent gear for controlling and handling the puck.

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro stick is available in different colors and sizes, and it is apt for intermediate to advanced level hockey players.

#4. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Goalie Stick

The Supreme 3S Pro model by Bauer is another excellent option for intermediate to advanced-level hockey goalkeepers. The stick provides an excellent puck feel and rebound control. The stick’s design also accentuates the overall balance during saves.

The paddle consists of a groove that enhances your grip and lets you hold the stick closer to your body. The shaft is made from glass fiber and has a double-concave structure. The Expandcel Core comprises of a smooth, matte-finish material which lets you absorb the impact vibrations. It helps in maintaining the control in your hand while you are positioning yourself during saves.

The Textreme blade with Advanced Carbon Layering technology improves durability. The paddle’s Ergo+ Spine provides remarkable balance. The grip present on the shoulder at the shaft-paddle meeting point lets you hold onto the stick throughout the game without any discomfort.

#5. Warrior Swagger Pro 2 Goalie Stick

The Warrior Swagger Pro 2 goalie stick is one of the most affordable sticks you will find in the market. It is quite popular amongst new hockey players. Durability, light-weight, and performance are some of the few characteristics that make the Swagger Pro2 a popular choice.

The foam-core design is an up-gradation from the Swagger Pro stick, making it further light-weight but sturdy. The stick feels comfortable in hand and has a remarkable balance and rebound control.

The shaft contains aspen and birchwood material with a glass laminate to produce an apt stiffness. The puck-feel is excellent, making passes and saves pretty convenient. There are different paddle lengths available. The paddle and blade have a polyurethane core for incredible strength. It also prevents untimely abrasions.

#6. Warrior Ritual V1 Pro Goalie Stick

The Ritual V1 Pro goalie stick by Warrior has a very light 14K weave design that increases durability. The carbon fiber build makes it very sturdy and comfortable to hold. The stick’s design reduces the vibrations while puck-handling and gives excellent balance.

The stick’s shaft is built with a carbon fiber layer for extra strength and high-speed puck handling from tough shooters. The rebound control is excellent. The Slide Grip Technology gives excellent control on the handle. It consists of remarkable material that does not allow sweat to accumulate, making it easier to hold onto the stick for an extended duration.

The flex-zone is placed higher to ensures clearer passes during the game. The paddle has the right amount of flexibility, avoiding unnecessary vibrations during tackles and puck control. 

The grip has a matte coating and a ribbed texture to avoid sliding of your palms. The product is available in different sizes and is suitable for intermediate to advanced-level players.

#7. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Goalie Stick

The Bauer Vapor X2.9 goalie Stick has an excellent balance and incredible durability even after playing a lot many shots in the game. It is very light-weight to hold and feel. The stick’s core features a premium quality foam material to provide strength.

The stick’s design prevents excessive vibrations and lets you take shots, and saves without stinging your arm. The exterior is made with excellent carbon composite material without adding extra bulkiness.

The arched paddle has a flat blocking surface and a round back. It facilitates greater rebound control and remarkable balance. The Griptac technology provides an excellent grip on the shoulder and handle. The material is sweat and moisture resistant to let you hold onto the stick for a longer duration with extreme comfort.

This goalie stick is available at an affordable price and is suitable for beginners and expert players.

#8. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goalie Stick

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is one of the lightest goalie’s sticks available in the market. The robust carbon fiber material makes it extremely durable. TeXtreme is an exclusive composite technology that Bauer incorporates in its sticks, making them 20% lighter than the competition’s stick. It doesn’t compromise on the strength.

One of the prominent features is the Ergo Spine present at the back of the paddle. Its design has complex detailing, which enhances the overall strength of the stick. The construction of the shaft is of 12K carbon weave to give a balanced feel.

The Aero Foam 3 technology present in the blade provides incredible rebound control and excellent shot delivery. The shoulder and handle have an amazing grip and lets you hold on to them with comfort.


A goalie stick might not get the attention that it deserves in comparison to the regular Hockey sticks, but they sure are a crucial element. A goalkeeper might not be involved in the other parts of the rink, but he definitely has the most critical role in the entire game. 

A goalie is responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring points. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to their most important weapon – the goalie stick. Brands like Bauer and Warrior regularly upgrade their existing products and come up with better versions. 

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic stick is the best of the lot and provides great durability and control. It is incredibly light-weight to hold and provides excellent balance. We hope that you find our guide and reviews fruitful.