The 7 Best Hockey Skate Laces In 2023

Hockey skate laces are a crucial accessory. The skates are one of the gears that you cannot remove at any point during the game. They take responsibility for your movement on the rink. You maintain your balance and control your speed with the help of the skates.

Given the importance of your hockey skates, it becomes crucial to ensure that they are intact and fit perfectly throughout the game. The laces help in keeping the skates feel firm on your feet. However, you need to know the right length for your skate’s size.

A shorter lace will force you to pull on it and strain the texture of your boot. A more extended lace might be dangly and could be dangerous when you are skating at a fast speed. It might trap in with the skate’s blade and cause you to topple.

To guarantee your performance and safety, we have prepared a buying guide to determine the correct laces for you. We have also reviewed the best hockey skate laces that are trending.

Quick Answer: The Best Laces for Hockey Skates

#1. Elite Prolace Hockey Skate Laces
#2. A&R Non Waxed Hockey Skate Laces
#3. A&R Waxed Hockey Skate Laces
#4. Elite Pro X7 Hockey Skate Laces
#5. Howies Hockey Skate Laces
#6. Zechy Waxed Hockey Skate Laces
#7. Derby Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

How to Choose Skate Laces: Buying Guide

If you’ve bought a pair of the best hockey skates on the market, you need to pair them with some high quality laces. We know that the last thing you would want to research is hockey skate laces. It is not as exciting as looking for a stick or skates, but it is still an essential component to take care of. For this reason, we have come up with a buying guide to help you save your precious time and energy. 

We talk about the kinds of laces available and a few other factors you need to keep in mind. We also talk about some of the brands that manufacture premium quality laces that you can trust.

Types of Hockey Skate Laces

When looking at the history of hockey skates, laces are a relatively recent invention. But nowadays, there are two main kinds of hockey skate laces – waxed and unwaxed.


As the name suggests, waxed laces have a paraffin/wax coating on them. Let us observe the pros and cons. 

  • The laces remain tight for a longer duration.
  • The wax coating prevents damage from water and moisture.
  • The wax coating extends the life of the laces.
  • The yarns do not fray easily.
  • Abrasion from eyelets does not damage the lace easily.
  • The waxed laces snap earlier than the non-waxed laces.
  • The glossy texture does not feel natural.
  • Young players find it challenging to deal with waxed laces.
  • It takes time to loosen a wax lace. Untying is a little challenging.
  • Waxed laces are pricier than unwaxed laces.


Unwaxed or non-waxed hockey skate laces do not have a wax coating. Let us observe the pros and cons.

  • Unwaxed laces are softer than waxed laces.
  • It is easier to tie and untie compared to a waxed lace.
  • It is cheaper than the waxed laces.
  • Unwaxed laces are very light-weight.
  • It does not damage the eyelets of the skates.
  • Unwaxed laces retain moisture, which can be very damaging.
  • Unwaxed laces have less durability compared to waxed laces.
  • The yarns of unwaxed laces fray easily as compared to waxed laces.
  • Unwaxed laces stretch out very quickly, making them harder to adjust to the boot.
  • Unwaxed laces wear out because of the friction from eyelets.

Size and Length

Whether you are playing recreational or professional hockey, you know the importance of skates. The hockey skates are your most important weapon during the entire game. It controls your speed and is also responsible for maintaining your balance. Therefore, having the skates secure for a longer duration becomes crucial. The length should be such that it neither falls short and snap nor becomes extra-long and makes you fall.

We will now tell you the way of determining the right length of laces for your skates. First, you need to have your perfect fit skates in place. Measure the distance between the bottom two eyelets using a measuring tape. Next, count the total number of eyelets on one side. The number of eyelets will differ depending on the brand of the product and its size. 

Next, you need to multiply the length between the bottom eyelets with the total number of eyelets (on one side of the boot). Multiply this number by 2. To this result, you need to add 18 inches for the buffer length. This final number gives you the lace’s base length. Round off the number to the closest lace length.

The typical hockey skate laces vary from 72 inches to 130 inches in length, depending on their category. Look at the size chart below to determine the right length for yourself.

Size of SkatesThe optimum length of laces (inches)
Youth 8 – Junior 372
Junior 3.5 – Junior 5.584
Adult 6 – Adult 896
Adult 8 – Adult 10108
Adult 10 – Adult 13120
Adult 12 – Adult 15130


Some of the popular brands that you can explore while purchasing your perfect fit hockey skate laces (in no particular order) are – Elite A&R Howies Derby Bauer, Kaps, Silfrae, ProGuard.

We have reviewed laces from Elite, A&R, Howies, Zechy, and Derby in our review section.

Hockey Goalie Lace Reviews

We have reviewed seven of the best hockey laces that you can find. All of them are very convenient on your skates, pocket friendly, and extremely durable. We hope you find the reviews helpful.

#1. Elite Prolace – Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

The Elite Prolace hockey laces use premium quality materials extremely light-weight, durable and improve your overall performance. It keeps your laces tight and secure throughout the match. The wax coating ensures longer product life and prevents water absorption. Moisture is one of the prime reasons for quicker damage.

The tips of the lace are molded to prevent the fraying of threads. These laces by Elite come in a variety of sizes and colors to match your fit and taste.

#2. A&R – Non-Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

These supreme hockey laces from A&R promise you longer stay on your skates. It is non-waxed, and unlike waxed laces, these are softer. It will not strain the skin of your feet and stay put for a longer duration. These laces are easy to tighten and do not feel heavy on your feet.

Polyester is the key material in use. The dual-fused tips prevent unnecessary fraying. You have a lot of size options and colors to choose.

#3. A&R – Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

A&R also has waxed hockey skate laces. These laces are dipped in liquid paraffin. Later they are heated to eliminate extra wax. The process ensures more extended product durability and security of your skates. The double stripe design gives an excellent look. The molding of tips prevents the threads from fraying. A&R laces are cheaper compared to their counterparts.

You get different sizes and colors to choose from the lot. Match them with your skates and glide with style.

#4. Elite Pro X7 – Non-Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

Elite Hockey PRO-X7 Skate Laces (X7-Black, 130")
  • Elite Hockey unwaxed wide cotton hockey skate laces
  • Includes one pair in box
  • Molded plastic tips make lacing easier, Lightweight design

The Elite Pro X7 hockey laces are very durable. The key material consists of cotton, making the entire product very soft and light-weight. The tips use plastic molding to avoid unraveling of the lace threads. The laces are not waxed to give that traditional look and feel.

There are many sizes and colors available that you can choose from the lot. The Pro X7 laces are indeed an excellent choice to complement your skates. 

#5. Howies Hockey Skate Laces

The Howies cloth hockey skate laces are incredibly durable and are woven from premium quality polyester yarns. The high tensile strength keeps the laces secure for a longer duration. The tips are molded with premium plastic to avoid the fraying of threads.

Imagine you were positioning to take a critical shot, and suddenly your laces untie. With Howies’ laces, you can keep your worries at bay.

#6. Zechy – Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

Hockey Laces Waxed - Specifically Made for Skates - One Pair - (White, 108")
  • NO MORE RE-TIGHTENING - optimally wide and just the right amount of wax will hold these elite level laces in place the whole game.
  • LACE TIP WILL NOT FRAY - molded tip guaranteed not to fray with use or over time.
  • WATER AND ICE RESISTENT - wax on laces prevents ice and snow buildup and keeps laces dry from melting ice or rain.

The wax coating enhances the durability of the Zechy hockey skate laces. Wax prevents water and ice from accumulating on the lace, thus avoiding the bulkiness. The tip molding guarantees that the yarns will not unravel even after multiple uses. 

You can choose from a wide range of colors to match with your skates. Zechy laces boast of no requirement of re-tightening throughout the game. Now you can skate without worries.

#7. Derby – Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

Derby Laces Solid Black - Flat, 10mm Wide, for Boots, Skates, Roller Derby, and Hockey Skates (72 Inch / 183 cm)
  • PERFORMANCE LACE: Sold as One Pair (Two Laces). Laces are flat and about 10 mm wide. Derby Laces are treated with the perfect amount of performance wax that feels awesome to the touch. They stay tied, tight, and where you want them.
  • MOLDED TIPS: Derby Laces feature a tri-fold tip molded out of the lace material itself. There are no plastic or metal bits to peel off or break. The lace tip is easy to lace and extremely durable. Simple damage can be repaired by flaming the tip.
  • DURABLE FIBERS: Derby Laces are braided from a blend of high quality, high tenacity fibers. They are exceptionally soft, have high tensile strength, and are resistant to abrasion and moisture.

The Derby hockey skate laces are braided from a blend of high-quality fibers that provide good tensile strength. The tri-fold tip mold ensures that the yarns do not fray, thus increasing the laces’ durability. The premium quality wax coating prevents water and ice retention during your skating process. It prevents your skates from damaging as well. 

These Derby laces are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.


We ensure that our guide and product review will help you determine the right hockey skate laces to up your game performance and comfort of your feet. Make sure that you have a perfect size. All the hockey skate laces mentioned in the review above ensure outstanding durability and strength without damaging the skate’s eyelets. Now you can leave your frequent lace-tying worries aside and focus only on your game. If you’re wondering how to lace hockey skates check out our post here.