The 7 Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet In 2023

Struggling to find a pair of hockey skates that fit you well? You’ve tried baking them and yet they still are really uncomfortable and painful? You’re not alone. Hockey skates are notoriously difficult to fit, especially if you have wide feet. But, there are a number of brands that are good for players with larger feet and in this post we review 10 of the best hockey skates for wide feet as well as walk you through everything you need to know when choosing a pair. Let’s get started.

Quick Answer: The Top Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

#1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Wide Hockey Skates
#2. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Wide Hockey Skates
#3. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Wide Hockey Skates
#4. Bauer Supreme 2S Wide Hockey Skates
#5. CCM Tacks 9090 Wide Hockey Skates
#6. Bauer Nexus 2N Wide Hockey Skates
#7. TRUE TF9 Wide Hockey Skates

How to Choose Hockey Skates for Wide Feet: A Buyer’s Guide

In today’s era, when looking for the best hockey skates to buy there are millions of options available on the internet and in the market, buying any sport-related stuff can be an overwhelming process. Especially when there are many technicalities to look for, it becomes vital to make yourself aware of all the specific information.  

There are several critical factors that you should know while you are buying your pair of hockey skates. To save you from exerting your brain, we present our buying guide that will help you find your perfect pair of skates. Longevity and comfort are not something that you should ever compromise.

If you have wide feet, your options can be limiting. However, towards the end, we also review the seven best hockey skates, particularly for players with wider feet.

Your Foot type (narrow, regular, wide, extra-wide)

Every player has different feet dimensions as well as volume. Broadly four kinds of feet are noticeable in Hockey.

  • Narrow
  • Regular
  • Wide
  • Extra-wide

You are the best judge of your own feet. When you try on the skates, you will understand its fit and the level of comfort and compatibility. Your foot type will also depend on your age and the category of your regular running shoes. If you are a man and your shoe size is 7, you belong to the Senior Skates category. Sizes below 7 belong in the Junior Skates category.

The Senior hockey skates will fit 1.5 sizes down to your regular shoe size. Youth and Junior hockey skates will fit one size down, respectively.

Hockey Skate Sizing

Hockey skate fit differs from your regular shoe sizing. With ordinary shoes, you will find a similar size chart in different brands. We come across a brand rarely that will sway from the standard sizing chart. 

However, for hockey skates, every brand has its own size chart. They have different classifications under a single product. It becomes essential to inform yourself regarding the correct collection names. 

In reality, there are several brands, local and international, which produce hockey skates. On the basis of popularity, we are highlighting the product lines of Bauer and CCM for your reference.


Bauer is probably one of the first brands to manufacture hockey skates. They are an expert in all sports gears and equipment relating to Hockey.

For hockey skates, Bauer has three prime product lines.

  • Nexus – This line focuses on players with very wide feet. Earlier it was challenging to find skates for a wider width. Bauer recognizes this issue and provides the Nexus line for such players.
  • Supreme – This line focuses on players with average width feet. It is their fast-moving line.
  • Vapor – This line focuses on players with narrow width feet.

All the above lines utilize the best quality and durable materials and focus on your feet’s comfort.


CCM is a Canada-based sports equipment brand that also manufactures hockey skates. Their skates are quite popular among professional players. Product durability and quality are outstanding.  

For their hockey skates, CCM has three fantastic lines.

  • Tacks – Players with wider feet will find perfect matches in this line.
  • JetSpeed – if your feet width is neither too narrow nor too wide, you will find your compatible skates in the JetSpeed line.
  • Ribcor – for players with narrow width feet, you can explore the Ribcor line by CCM.

All of CCM’s hockey skates focus on comfort and durability factors. They understand the customer’s concerns and provide them with the best services.

Skate Width Labels explained

You must be aware of your feet’s width. It would be helpful to check on the product dimensions from the size chart, which is present on the e-commerce websites. If you are purchasing your hockey skates from a physical store, do not hesitate to ask the store employee about the product description and dimension.

There are certain labels present on the skates to help you identify the kind of fit, namely, additionally wide, wide, regular, and narrow. It will help you in determining the right fit for your feet.

  • EE – widest fit
  • E – wide fit
  • R – regular fit
  • D – standard fit
  • C – narrow fit

In case of any uncertainty, measure your feet. Check your ankle thickness and the length of the distance between your first and last toe.


We have answered three of the most frequently asked questions to enhance your knowledge regarding hockey skates.

Q. How do you bake Hockey Skates?

Whenever you purchase brand new skates you’ll they are very stiff. It will take a bit of time to break them in and get a good fit and. it might also cause slight soreness initially. Learning how to lace hockey skates properly can help but it’ll still take time. With regular wear, your feet eventually adjust to the fit. However, if you are unwilling to go through the initial period of discomfort, you can bake your skates in the oven at home.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Place a towel in the oven. Place your skates on top of the towel in an upright position. Avoid laying them on their sides as the shell coating could melt. Ensure that you maintain a gap in between both the boots. Leave the skates in the oven for 3-5 minutes and then remove them. Be careful while handling the metal parts.

Q. Whats the difference between wide and flat feet skates?

Wide feet and flat feet are not similar terms. People often confuse them for the same. 

The wide foot is a dimensional term, whereas a flat foot is a medical ailment. People with flat feet do not have the natural arch in their sole. Skaters with flat feet should wear stiffer boots for additional support. It will also prevent any strain on the sole while performing challenging moves. 

Having wide feet simply requires you to purchase wider skates based on your feet size and volume. A lot of manufacturing firms are including wide-feet hockey skates in their product range.

Q. What is the Bauer Performance Fit System?

In 2020, Bauer introduced a new way of shopping for your perfect fit hockey skates. They took more than 800,000 3D feet scan and came up with three clear-cut fit guidelines. Now it helps players with high, medium, and low volume feet. Players of all foot sizes and shapes can benefit from this system.

On the basis of the 800,000+ scans, the Fit-1 (36.7% of the total number of feet scan) is for low volume feet, Fit-2 (44.2% of the total number of feet scan) is for medium-volume feet, and Fit-3 (19.1% of the total number of feet scan) is for high volume feet respectively.

Bauer has included all the upgrades in their Supreme and Vapor skates. The Supreme line focuses on stride radius, whereas the Vapor line focuses on speed control. Earlier, the wide-feet skaters had minimal options. Fit matters, especially for the position at which you play. Now the players can choose skates based on their performance level too. 

Hockey Skates for Wide Feet – Reviews

Keeping all the above factors in mind, we have collected a list of seven best hockey skates that you can explore in case your feet are wide. 

#1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Wide Hockey Skates

The Bauer’s Supreme 3S Pro skates are a part of their Performance Fit System. The design adds comfort and enhances a player’s skating skills.

The 3D Curv Composite technology keeps the skate very light-weight and fully thermoformable.

The LockFit liner prevents moisture build-up and keeps your feet locked and dry throughout the game. Memory foam present inside adds to the overall comfort.

The three-piece Reflex Classic Pro Tongue design protects your feet from falling forward.

The LS Pulse blade material contains premium quality light-weight steel for better speed control. The mirror finish gives a good look and provides a good glide.

The Reflex Tendon Guard enables you to perform a wide range of swift leg movements without losing control and balance.

Its flex rate is 80, making it a stiff boot providing extra support and balance.

Bauer gives a 90-days warranty period for you to test your compatibility.

#2. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Wide Hockey Skates

CCM’s Super Tacks AS3 Pro hockey skates are a medium-fit one-piece boot design to accelerate your skating skill during the game. It complements your speed control and lets you glide at different speeds with equal balance and comfort.

The Speedblade XS Holder’s spring lock system secures the blade tightly to the holder. It makes the blade swap out efficiently.

The Metatomic Tongue is replaceable, gives maximum protection, and the asymmetrical flex point gives you the feel of a custom fit.

Your feet remain moisture-free and do not accumulate any sweat odor due to the OrthoLite Ultralite Footbed technology.

These hockey skates also come with a TotalDri Pro+ Liner, which is a premium material to keep your feet free from any moisture. It prevents unnecessary friction and avoids soreness.

The Carbon Composite Monoframe technology enables you to transfer direct energy to your feet at varying speeds. It keeps the body of the skates very light-weight.

The XS1 oxidized steel blade increases the overall height by 12 percent to give a longer-lasting edge and better bite.

#3. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Wide Hockey Skates

If you are looking for a perfect combination of comfort, performance, and fit and want to save some money, you should opt for Bauer’s Vapor X2.9 hockey skates. It is ideal for players who practice 2-3 times per week. 

The PERFORMFLEX System present in the X2.9 series gives the best fit.

The boot has a combination of Aero Foam and Comfort Edge padding. It provides the best support and prevents soreness in your ankles.

The Form Fit+ footbed and moisture resistant liner keep your feet dry. It also gives good flexibility during sharp and fast turns while skating.

For better striding, Bauer presents a Tuuk Lightspeed edge holder.

The LS1 runner is attached to the edge holder. It helps in giving the best performance during all kinds of leg movements.

#4. Bauer Supreme 2S Wide Hockey Skates

Bauer’s Supreme 2S is perfect for pro-level professional players who play all year-round. These skates last very long and give you a smooth gliding experience on the ice rink.

The three-piece tongue is made from a dense foam to give that perfect cushioning to your feet and ankles. It absorbs harsh impacts and keeps you going without any performance lag. 

The boot is of light-weight 3D Carbon Curv Composite material, giving a thermoformable result.

To provide security, the footbed has LOCK-FIT lining material with memory foam as well. It gives right balance and better comfort during movements. 

These particular skates by Bauer also have Tuuk steel runners and LightSpeed Edge holder. It lets you perform complex leg movements without losing balance and applying extra pressure.

The Supreme 2S skates are perfect for players who are looking at a rough use of their skates.

#5. CCM Tacks 9090 Wide Hockey Skates

The CCM Tacks 9090 consists of a two-piece boot design. The tongue has TriTech Flex, which gives extra mobility and comfort.

The SpeedBlade runners are made from oxidized steel to give longevity to the product.

The SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder allows an excellent turning radius. Its unique geometrical pattern generates more power and eases the energy transfer during every stride.

The TotalDri liners enable complete dryness of feet during the game. It gives a soft feel and prevents injuries from severe impacts.

The entire skate has double layers of stitch to provide maximum durability. You can practically use these skates every day for an extended time.

The DuraZone patches and Smooth Contour collars protect your ankles from rubbing. It also prevents unwanted foot movement to an extent. 

#6. Bauer Nexus 2N Wide Hockey Skates

The Nexus 2N hockey skates by Bauer came into existence for the first time in 2018. Since then, it has been a consistent choice amongst professional players. It is quite affordable and a good investment for showcasing your best performance on the rink.

The boot is made from 3D Curv Composite material to enhance the performance and reduce the bulkiness on your feet.

The skate’s tongue protects your feet from unnatural forward bends. It consists of thick foam and plastic metatarsal guard.

The Hydra Max 2 liner keeps your feet from retaining any sweat or moisture. It is made from premium material to provide maximum comfort and balance during skating.

The ankle padding and Form Fit+ footbed contain memory foam to give you a customized fit experience. 

The TUUK Lightspeed edge holder assists you in quicker blade changes. The TUUK LS3 runner is of the best quality stainless steel and gives more power and a better edge.

#7. TRUE TF9 Wide Hockey Skates

The TF9 variation of TRUE’s hockey skates delivers the best performance and fit that you can seek. The thermoformable one-piece carbon fiber shell makes the entire product extremely durable and light-weight.

The design of the insole makes it suitable for high, mid, and low arch feet. For easy positioning, the fit inserts are marked for guidance.

The HydroFoam liner prevents moisture retention and increases the life of the skate by many-fold. It also gives good cushioning to your feet, enhancing comfort.

The Anatomical Tongue is adjustable to your convenience. The T-guard is pre-inserted to give maximum protection during motion and prevention of lace-bite.

The SHIFT Holder has BenchChange technology that lets you replace the blade easily.

The ONYX Runner includes premium quality steel for improved edge retention.


Given the number of options available today in the market, Bauer offers a wide range of hockey skates, suiting every players’ requirements. It is a trustworthy brand that specializes specifically in equipment and gear that relate to Hockey. Depending on your feet’ width, you can explore your next pair of hockey skates from their Nexus, Supreme, and Vapor ranges. 

Apart from the brand perspective, have your size measurements in place. Remember, the skates need to be comfortable since you have to wear them throughout the game. You can remove any other gear but not your skates. Durability is another factor that you shouldn’t ignore. 

Lastly, do not confuse the skate sizing with your regular shoe size. There is a significant difference. Please refer to all product specifications, features, dimensions before placing your order of hockey skates.